Project # 4 : Cute Door Cushion November 02 2015

I have had a bit of an obsession with pug dogs lately, and decided I also needed to make something cute for my room. This is a felt little heart cushion with cotton rope for the handle. 

I made a design that was simple to make, and the things you will need are:

- A few sheets of felt to make the cushion out of, and any designs you like (you could make a cat, and owl or even a pug like mine).

- Needle and threads 

- scissors

- stuffing to fill the cushion

- thread to hang the cushion off your door handle.


Step 1 : trace a shape for your cushion (heart, circle, square), and the shape of the design on the front.

Step 2: Cut out your felt shapes and take your needle and thread and sew the design onto the cushion first, and sew the sides of the shape up almost completely closed. Leave space for the thread to hang from and enough space to fill the cushion shape with.

Step 3: Take your stuffing and fill the cushion, and finish sewing the open cushion up.

Step 4: Hang from your door handle for a super cute decoration.