Hello Again! August 10 2016

Hi Everyone!

It's been a little while since I last wrote a post, but I am busy beavering away on a few things and I have been hard at work on my youtube channel too.

I will post an update soon on my projects :)

Have a great week

I.F.S x

Youtube Channel - I'm Feeling Stationery February 28 2016

Hello Everyone,

I have recently started a youtube channel for I'm Feeling Stationery, as a way to share all of my upcoming projects, and fun things. If you search imfeelingstationery into youtube my channel will appear. 

I am also currently working on the design of my website, and hope to upload some new products soon which I've been working on and really excited to share with you!

Thanks again for your support!


News and new projects :) February 12 2016

Hello Everyone,

I've decided to start making videos for I'm Feeling Stationery as part of my little brand as a way to be creative and share this with the world. 

This is my most recent vide.

Project # 17 : Bunny Pin Cushion/scissors holder January 25 2016




This is a small rabbit shaped pin/scissors/misc things holder I made using odd bits of fabric and felt and hand stitched together. It is great for organising little pieces and tools together.


Project # 16 : Homemade Pizza January 19 2016



I know that most of my projects tend to be food, but this pizza is so easy and delicious to make and I really wanted to share it! 



2 tablespoons yeast

2 cups flour

1 cup warm water



Tomato Passata

fresh thyme

a handful of cherry tomatoes, chopped 

Mozzarella + Parmigiano Regiano/Grana Padano

2 anchovies cut up finely

handful of crispy fried capers

A good olive oil


To make it:

Take the dry yeast and add the warm water - let to sit for about 10 minutes until the water is a bit cloudy/bubbly.

Mix in the flour, until it forms a nice dough. Knead the dough until it is quite springy and then cover in an oiled bowl with cling wrap.

Take a handful/1/4 cup of anchovies, and fry them in some olive olive until the capers go crispy like little flowers. Remove from heat and drain.

Once the dough has risen, roll out on a floured surface and then place onto an oiled tray. Spoon over your tomato passata, sprinkle fresh thyme, finely sliced anchovies, cherry tomatoes, and cheeses. Bake in a hot oven at 190-200 degrees and cook for about 15-20 minutes or until the top is golden, and the bottom of the pizza is properly cooked. 

Drizzle some olive oil over the top. Serve and enjoy. 






Project #15 : Fresh Summer Salad January 10 2016


Summer Salad

This is a delicious summer salad - it is fresh, vibrant and super healthy (also vegetarian). It is great for a light meal towards the end of a busy day and quick to make.

Serves 1-2 people 


What you  will need:

1 medium sized beetroot (sliced into circles)

1 medium carrot (julienned/cut into little match sticks)

1 cup raw buckwheat (cooked)

1/2 cup roasted peanuts

1 whole chopped cucumber


Dressing (to taste):

juice of 2 juicy limes

1 teaspoon of cumin

1 teaspoon honey

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

pinch of sea salt flakes

twist of black pepper

handful of mint


1. Cook the raw buckwheat until soft, and drain under cold water and put to one side until most of the water has drained off.

2. Assemble the chopped vegetables in with the cooled buckwheat.

3. Toast the peanuts in a saucepan until golden and crunchy.

4. Make the dressing in a jam jar with a lid (so you can shake the ingredients together), and pour over the salad.

5. Put the handful of mint over the top of the salad and scatter the toasted peanuts. 








Project # 14: Woollen neck warmer January 03 2016

A little neck warmer with tassel to prepare for the winter months ahead - made from New Zealand wool and secured with a brooch pin on the inside. 








Project # 13 : Mini Terrarium December 27 2015

These terrariums are very easy and fun to make - you will need some stones (for drainage/airflow), some potting mix, little twigs/branches with moss growing on it, delicate mosses, tiny little ferns - basically any miniature plants. You will be able to find these by visiting your nearest garden centre.
All of the items will need to be layered - stones, potting mix, and then the plants, give them a little water and put them in a nice shady spot.
These mini 'gardens' are great because they don't require a lot of upkeep (just keep them out of the hot sun), and give them a little water so they grow. Perfect for people that live in apartments due to space restrictions. These little gardens would also look great displayed in a round glass bowl - however in this example, I have used a clean household jar which will work well too. 

Project # 11 and 12 - Orange Pomander and Gingerbread Latte December 20 2015


I have really been getting into the holiday spirit, and have two simple projects to bring you this week - a lovely scented pomander to welcome festive scents into your home (orange and clove together), and a recipe to make your own gingerbread latte at home.



Orange Pomander (studded with whole cloves)

You will need large oranges, and a jar of cloves, and a sharp knife to make the incisions for. The great thing about these pomanders is that you can be as creative as you want to and make patterns or, you can simply stud the oranges.Your home will smell very festive and warm with these orange pomanders - these could even be hung from a window with a brown ribbon or some twine which would be a lovely festive addition. 





I like my gingerbread lattes cold (as it is heading in for summer here), and keep my drink in a glass carafe in the fridge. It keeps for about three days or so and can be drunken warm and delicious served with fresh shortbread biscuits.


What you will need:

1 L full milk

1 teaspoon ground ginger

1/2 cup brown sugar

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon allspice

a grating of fresh nutmeg

whipped cream to serve + ginger


1. Take your milk and pour into a heavy based saucepan and warm through for about 7 minutes on a low-medium heat, add in the brown sugar, spices and mix - add in the grated nutmeg.

2. Take off the heat before the milk boils, and either drink warm in your favourite mug, or chill in the fridge until icy cold, and add whipped cream on top for a decadent treat.

Hope you enjoy!





Project #10 :Cute Chocolate Treats December 14 2015



These are delicious little morsels - I used a chocolate heart mould and assorted sweets - Marshmallows, chewy lollies, christmas spiced cookies and milk chocolate. These would make nice gifts wrapped in cellophane with a pretty ribbon for friends and family.


What you will need:

A mould or shapes to pour the chocolate into

Lollies/roasted nuts/marshmallows/gummy sweets etc

Crunchy biscuits - 'Windmill Cookies', or shortbread (whatever you like).

A bar of your favourite good quality chocolate (about 200grams)


1. You will need to melt the chocolate, so it is shiny and liquid (tempered).

2. Break up all of your candies, nuts, biscuits and place inside the moulds.

3. Melt the chocolate (microwave works well), until gently melted.

4. Pour melted chocolate over your mixture and allow to cool, or chill in the fridge.

5. Once the chocolate has set, remove from moulds and either enjoy or share.


Hope you like these :)